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RECONSCIVIL not only builds the house, but also gives a feeling of “House”

“Build” and “build” – at first glance, two synonyms that fit perfectly on top of each other and that helped steer in the right direction is what 20 years ago dreamed RECONSCIVIL creators. Their task was to “build”, but at the same time, putting a line difference between the two verbs, they chose the “build”. And it’s not just about the height of buildings, and everything that involves the process of the construction of any business: quality, efficiency, consistency and faithfulness to those who trusted RECONSCIVIL. So, guided by this principle, the company has passed all stages of development, in order to finally be able to offer people is not just a house, but something more – a sense of “home.” The values ​​that professes the company, helped her over the years to create a name for themselves, and this is the case, when we can say with complete confidence that “a man paints the place”, because all of this would not be possible without the contribution of the company’s founder, Human Valeria Sufray, and each member of his team.

We wish you a constructive journey into the world RECONSCIVIL!

Currently RECONSCIVIL company has all the necessary tools for planning and implementation in the reality of the highest quality real estate projects. During the 20 years of its activity, our company has become a trusted partner of more than 3000 families, whose status is defined as the priority status of the “Investors” and then only as the status of “clients”. RECONSCIVIL demonstrated their professionalism, commitment and flexibility in the implementation of joint programs with government agencies or purchased through public auctions.

The success and undeniable qualitative superiority of all our completed projects were provided directly to the quality of construction works and use of materials, most of which are imported directly from their manufacturer, our company’s time-tested partners.

RECONSCIVIL has a production base with a number of production units (1500 square meters), as well as warehouses for storing materials (900 square meters), located on a plot of land on Industriala Street 10, Chisinau municipality. It works every day a team of professionals in order to achieve maximum results for the implementation of the planned volumes and tasks. All specialists are administered by the head of the production base, Mr. Yuri Roman, a mechanical engineer.

Domestic production base unit are classified according to their purpose and functions performed within the company:

• carpenter workshop for the production of PVC Profile (windows and doors), as well as for the production of glass and aluminum facades: ventilated and glass. Head of Department: Mr. Sergey Kryzhanovsky.

• workshop for the production of metal products. Head of Department: Mr. Constantin Lutz.

Car RECONSCIVIL construction company has seven trucks and crane capacity of 28 tons and a tower crane.

Three main areas of activity are RECONSCIVIL project management and general contracting services for the construction, development and implementation of their own projects, as well as assistance in the implementation of state social programs.

General contractor in construction

Building. Reconstruction. Commissioning.

RECONSCIVIL – it is more than an ordinary construction company, it is also the general contractor, which has proved that it can effectively carry out construction projects management trusted him. Moreover, the company often acts as a “benefactor” to save in the literal sense of the word a variety of objects. This is the title of our company has established itself from the earliest stages of formation RECONSCIVIL, the first real estate project.

The first general contracting construction company liabilities assumed in 2001. As part of this project RECONSCIVIL revived by being frozen for four years, the building block of the object located on the street. Costiujeni 6/1. To complete this project, our company had to bear the additional costs associated with the repair of the current most of the production line to re-start the production process at the plant “CPG” – the only producer of precast concrete elements needed for the construction of buildings such as “MC-143”.

For 20 years RECONSCIVIL revived several projects in real estate. Among them, the above-mentioned on the street. Costiujeni, 6/1, and residential complex on the street. Alba Iulia, 192 residential buildings on the street. Onesiphorus Ghibu, 7/1, 7/3, on the street. N. Zelinsky, 15 and on Mircea cel Batryn Boulevard nr. 42/2, 42/4 of our city.

RECONSCIVIL Company has the necessary technical capacity and qualified personnel, who are willing and able to perform any task, whether it’s reconstruction, building civilian objects, or turnkey projects.

RECONSCIVIL become a reliable business partner for all those who are planning to invest in the construction or renovation of an immovable object! Wishes to take advantage of the services RECONSCIVIL can be sure that we can implement any plan and desires of its customers, thus, it does not matter if they have already developed a draft or not.

Real estate Projects

Wondered. Develop. Сarry

RECONSCIVIL privnёs in the real estate market in the Republic of Moldova the term “offer turn-key”. To date, the construction of immovable objects “turnkey” is one of the main directions of our activity, to which the company focuses.

Construction of the property is a capacious process and includes a wide range of works and their phases: definition of the building’s location, its design, development, interior design in accordance with market requirements and building codes, obtaining a building permit, the subsequent construction and implementation of internal finishing works, Apartments for sale in the course of and after the completion of the facility.

With the realization of all our real estate projects that are part of the so-called “locomotive” of the company RECONSCIVIL, a huge amount of resources and the majority of our revenue generated were involved.

The company makes the best offer in the area of ​​residential premises in the primary market of real estate of Chisinau, because every building project, implemented under the «RECONSCIVIL» brand, we transpose a wealth of experience and knowledge acquired in the course of more than 28 of completed real estate projects.

Social projects

We participate. We carry out. Contribute.

RECONSCIVIL pays great attention to projects of social purpose, greatly promoting the development of the country’s infrastructure through the implementation of construction projects, financed from the state budget (Republican Children Rehabilitation Center in Chisinau and a kindergarten in the village Seits, district Causeni) and socio-cultural projects funded by NGOs and private organizations. The right to the implementation of projects of this type, as a rule, we acquire through participation in public tenders, and strengths RECONSCIVIL, such as the experience and quality of work are key for us.

Our сurrent construction projects

In 2020 RECONSCIVIL company operates on 2 construction sites. Among them:

• Residential complex with underground parking on the Mioritsa street, 1/1, the total number of – 108 apartments.

Сonstruction period: 2019 – 2021

More information can be found by clicking on the link: https://reconscivil.md/en/houses/blocul-miorita-pointmap/

• Residential complex with underground parking on the Calea Ieshilor street, 61/2 – 71 apartaments.

Сonstruction period: 2019 – 2021

More information can be found by clicking on the link: https://reconscivil.md/en/projects-item/bloc-locativ-cu-garaje-teritoriu-amenajat-si-imprejmuit-str-calea-iesilor-61-2/