Startul vînzărilor apartamentelor noi în Chișinău de la RECONSCIVIL

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Dear visitors,

Reconscivil Company announces the start of construction of two new facilities on the street Calea Ieșilor, 61/2 (Sculeni) și pe bulevardul Miorița, 1/1 (Telecentru), which are two multifunctional residential complex with built-in commercial premises and individual garages.

At the sites are also designed space for temporary parking lot, playground, meeting all town-planning regulations.

Use the period beginning bronirovaniyaeshite, deciding where it will be your new apartment. Only this time you have the opportunity to choose an apartment according to your requirements and preferences! For the period to 10 working days to book the apartments – for free. First payment – 30% of the purchase price. Installment for the period from 2 to 5 years.

Plans approved the standard floors. Completion of construction – the end of 2021